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Our mission is to assist the family to become aware of and acknowledge the challenge they face, empowering them through education to accept the reality of their situation and take much-needed action. 

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At The Enez Foundation, we have an in-depth understanding of addiction and how this can affect both those who are substance abusers and their family members. The stellar team behind our non-profit organisation in Cape Town knows that, when living with addiction, families can become fearful, helpless, and hopeless – many become broken.

Our services focus on the family unit and help to educate each member on how to handle addiction and abuse. Below are some of the services that we offer.

  • Counselling: We provide counselling and intervention for individuals, couples, groups and families.
  • Workshops: We provide workshops about the effects of addiction in families and different areas of society.
  • Evaluations: We evaluate the family system and direct them towards a recovery environment.
  • Assessments And Referrals: We provide medical assessments, supervision, and assistance with referrals to rehabilitation centres.

We are also able to assist with interventions, should the family feel this is a necessary step in healing their afflicted loved one, and can also help to find a safe place to stay.


Rising from the ashes, I am born again, powerful, exultant, majestic through all the pain."

Shannon Perry

What Our Services Aim To Achieve


Empowering affected families by educating them about addiction and its effects


Providing support to spouses, parents, partners and children affected by addiction


We assist families to change behaviour to build a healthier home and society.


We impact families so they can help and support everyone they know in their life, even strangers.