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Empowering the women in our care to reach their own unique recovery and life goals.

The Enez Foundation was founded by Shanet Regal, who is a family therapist in addictions and who has herself been affected by addiction. In March of 2019, The Leslie House was opened to provide a space for those who need a safe, sober space to heal and recover.

The Enez Foundation and The Leslie House rely on donations and the assistance of volunteers for continued daily operation. Our home setting environment provides calm and space to reflect, while our team focuses on individual support, as well as compassion, and education that is tailored to the needs of our clients. This provides them with the necessary tools to reintegrate back into society successfully.

We provide a gender-specific programme which empowers the women in our care to reach their own unique recovery and life goals. We focus on healing the whole person and encourage our clients to continue this focus once they have completed the recovery process.

Our Vision


We aim to empower affected families by educating them about addiction and its effects.


We strive to provide support to spouses, parents, partners, and children who are affected by addiction


We provide tools to assist families to change their behaviour and build a healthier society

Our Mission


To provide affordable counselling services to both families and substance abusers


To provide workshops to families of substance abusers


To provide workshops that highlight the effects and impact of addiction on the family, the workplace, as well as on the community at large


To provide a safe, sober living space for females recovering from substance abuse

Our Team

Shanet Regal

CEO And Founder

Megan Maree-Basson


Janetta Davids


Dr. Paul Salkinder


Herschelle Millford


Ayesha Samsodien

House Manager

Esme Greeff

Recovery Assistant

Daphne Jacobs

Recovery Assistant

Zahn Burton


Where Have Our Wings Spread

The Enez Foundation has spread its wings across the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and has touched the lives of many people. We aim to educate our communities about the effects of and how to deal with addiction. 

    • Fairmont High School: Addiction education workshop to all grade 8/9 students
    • Volkskerk Bellville South: “Family Systems in Addiction” workshop presented to the congregation
    • Northlink College Elsies River: “Family Systems in Addiction” workshop
    • Western Cape Youth Rehabilitation Centre: “Family Systems in Addiction” workshop presented to the clinical team.  Facilitated family groups to parents of substance abusers.
    • Brackenfell Police Station:  Facilitate interventions and provide family counselling.
    • Bellvile South Ministers Forum: “Family Systems in Addiction” workshop presented to community members.
    • MCO Plating: Addictions Counselling to staff. Group workshop.
    • Bethel Congregation Paarl – Pshyco-Educational Talk

We provide intuitive and thoughtful workshops and advice for everyone who comes to our non-profit organisation in Cape Town for help or healing.